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§ 153A‑82.  Powersand duties of manager.

The manager is the chief administrator of county government. He isresponsible to the board of commissioners for the administration of alldepartments of county government under the board's general control and has thefollowing powers and duties:

(1)        He shall appoint with the approval of the board ofcommissioners and suspend or remove all county officers, employees, and agentsexcept those who are elected by the people or whose appointment is otherwiseprovided for by law. The board may by resolution permit the manager to appointofficers, employees, and agents without first securing the board's approval.The manager shall make his appointments, suspensions, and removals inaccordance with any general personnel rules, regulations, policies, orordinances that the board may adopt. The board may require the manager toreport each suspension or removal to the board at the board's first regularmeeting following the suspension or removal; and, if the board has permitted themanager to make appointments without board approval, the board may require themanager to report each appointment to the board at the board's first regularmeeting following the appointment.

(2)        He shall direct and supervise the administration of all countyoffices, departments, boards, commissions and agencies under the generalcontrol of the board of commissioners, subject to the general direction andcontrol of the board.

(3)        He shall attend all meetings of the board of commissionersand recommend any measures that he considers expedient.

(4)        He shall see that the orders, ordinances, resolutions, andregulations of the board of commissioners are faithfully executed within thecounty.

(5)        He shall prepare and submit the annual budget and capitalprogram to the board of commissioners.

(6)        He shall annually submit to the board of commissioners andmake available to the public a complete report on the finances andadministrative activities of the county as of the end of the fiscal year.

(7)        He shall make any other reports that the board ofcommissioners may require concerning the operations of county offices,departments, boards, commissions, and agencies.

(8)        He shall perform any other duties that may be required orauthorized by the board of commissioners. (1927, c. 91, ss. 6, 7; 1973, c. 822, s. 1.)