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§ 159G‑32.  Projects eligible for loan or grant.

(a)        CWSRF and DWSRF. – Federal law determines whether a projectis eligible for a loan or grant from the CWSRF and the DWSRF. A project mustmeet the eligibility requirements set under federal law.

(b)        Wastewater Reserve. – The Department is authorized to makeloans and grants from the Wastewater Reserve for the following types ofprojects:

(1)        Wastewater collection system.

(2)        Wastewater treatment works.

(3)        Stormwater quality project.

(4)        Nonpoint source pollution project.

(c)        Drinking Water Reserve. – The Department is authorized tomake loans and grants from the Drinking Water Reserve for public water systemprojects. (2005‑454, s. 3.)