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§ 159G‑34.  Loans and grants available fromDrinking Water Reserve.

(a)        Types. – The Department is authorized to make the types ofloans and grants listed in this section from the Drinking Water Reserve. Eachtype of loan or grant must be administered through a separate account withinthe Drinking Water Reserve.

(1)        General. – A loan or grant is available for a project for apublic water system.

(2)        High‑unit‑cost grant. – A grant is available forthe portion of the construction costs of a public water system project thatresults in an estimated average household user fee for water and sewer servicein the area served by the project that exceeds the high‑unit‑costthreshold.

(3)        Technical assistance grant. – A technical assistance grantis available to determine the best way to correct the deficiencies in a publicwater system that does not comply with State law or the rules adopted toimplement that law.

(4)        Emergency loan. – An emergency loan is available to anapplicant in the event the Secretary certifies that either a serious publichealth hazard or a drought emergency related to the water supply system ispresent or imminent in a community.

(b)        Interaccount Transfer. – The Secretary may use revenue inany account in the Drinking Water Reserve to provide funds for an emergencyloan. (2005‑454, s. 3.)