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§ 159G‑66.  Duties of the Commission.

The Commission has the following duties:

(1)        To assess and make recommendations on the role of the Statein the development and funding of wastewater, drinking water, and stormwaterinfrastructure in the State.

(2)        To analyze the adequacy of projected funding to meetprojected needs over the next five years.

(3)        To propose State priorities for funding.

(4)        To make recommendations on ways to maximize the use ofcurrent funding resources, whether federal, State, or local, and to ensure thatfunds are used in a coordinated manner.

(5)        To review the application of management practices inwastewater, drinking water, and stormwater utilities and determine the bestpractices.

(6)        To assess the role of public‑private partnerships inthe future provision of utility service.

(7)        To assess the application of the river basin approach toutility planning and management.

(8)        To assess the need for a "troubled system"protocol. (2005‑454, s. 3.)