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Selecting and Impanelingthe Jury.

§ 15A‑1211.  Selectionprocedure generally; role of judge; challenge to the panel; authority of judgeto excuse jurors.

(a)        The provisions ofChapter 9 of the General Statutes, Jurors, pertinent to criminal cases applyexcept when this Chapter specifically provides a different procedure.

(b)        The trial judgemust decide all challenges to the panel and all questions concerning thecompetency of jurors.

(c)        The State or thedefendant may challenge the jury panel. A challenge to the panel:

(1)        May be made only onthe ground that the jurors were not selected or drawn according to law.

(2)        Must be in writing.

(3)        Must specify thefacts constituting the ground of challenge.

(4)        Must be made anddecided before any juror is examined.

If a challenge to the panel issustained, the judge must discharge the panel.

(d)        The judge mayexcuse a juror without challenge by any party if he determines that grounds forchallenge for cause are present. (1977, c. 711, s. 1.)