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§ 15A‑1369.4. Conditions of medical release.

(a)        The Commissionshall set reasonable conditions upon an inmate's medical release that shallapply through the date upon which the inmate's sentence would have expired.These conditions shall include:

(1)        That the releasedinmate's care be consistent with the care specified in the medical release planas approved by the Commission;

(2)        That the releasedinmate shall cooperate with and comply with the prescribed medical release planand with reasonable requirements of medical providers to whom the releasedinmate is to be referred to continued treatment;

(3)        That the releasedinmate shall be subject to supervision by the Division of Community Correctionsand shall permit officers from the Division to visit the inmate at reasonabletimes at the inmate's home or elsewhere;

(4)        That the releasedinmate shall comply with any conditions of release set by the Commission; and

(5)        That the Commissionshall receive periodic assessments from the inmate's treating physician.

(b)        The Commissionshall promptly order an inmate returned to the custody of the Department toawait a revocation hearing if the Commission receives credible information thatan inmate has failed to comply with any reasonable condition set upon the inmate'srelease. If the Commission subsequently revokes an inmate's medical release forfailure to comply with conditions of release, the inmate shall resume servingthe balance of the sentence with credit given only for the duration of theinmate's medical release served in compliance with all reasonable conditionsset forth pursuant to subsection (a) of this section. Revocation of an inmate'smedical release for violating a condition of release shall not preclude aninmate's eligibility for any other form of parole or release provided by lawbut may be used as a factor in determining eligibility for that parole orrelease.  (2008‑2,s. 1.)