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§ 15A‑1463.  Membership;chair; meetings; quorum.

(a)        The Commissionshall consist of eight voting members as follows:

(1)        One shall be asuperior court judge.

(2)        One shall be aprosecuting attorney.

(3)        One shall be avictim advocate.

(4)        One shall be engagedin the practice of criminal defense law.

(5)        One shall be apublic member who is not an attorney and who is not an officer or employee ofthe Judicial Department.

(6)        One shall be asheriff holding office at the time of his or her appointment.

(7)        The vocations of thetwo remaining appointed voting members shall be at the discretion of the ChiefJustice.

The Chief Justice of the NorthCarolina Supreme Court shall make the initial appointment for membersidentified in subdivisions (4) through (6) of this subsection. The Chief Judgeof the Court of Appeals shall make the initial appointment for membersidentified in subdivisions (1) through (3) of this subsection. After anappointee has served his or her first three‑year term, the subsequentappointment shall be by the Chief Justice or Chief Judge who did not make theprevious appointment. Thereafter, the Chief Justice or Chief Judge shall rotatethe appointing power, except for the two discretionary appointments identifiedby subdivision (7) of this subsection which shall be appointed by the ChiefJustice.

(b)        The appointingauthority shall also appoint alternate Commission members for the Commissionmembers he or she has appointed to serve in the event of scheduling conflicts,conflicts of interest, disability, or other disqualification arising in aparticular case. The alternate members shall have the same qualifications forappointment as the original member. In making the appointments, the appointingauthority shall make a good faith effort to appoint members with differentperspectives of the justice system. The appointing authority shall alsoconsider geographical location, gender, and racial diversity in making theappointments.

(c)        The superior courtjudge who is appointed as a member under subsection (a) of this section shallserve as Chair of the Commission. The Commission shall have its initial meetingno later than January 31, 2007, at the call of the Chair. The Commission shallmeet a minimum of once every six months and may also meet more often at thecall of the Chair. The Commission shall meet at such time and place asdesignated by the Chair. Notice of the meetings shall be given at such time andmanner as provided by the rules of the Commission. A majority of the membersshall constitute a quorum. All Commission votes shall be by majority vote. (2006‑184, s. 1.)