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§15A‑266.5.  Tests to be performed on blood sample.

(a)        The tests to beperformed on each blood sample are:

(1)        To analyze and typethe genetic markers contained in or derived from the DNA.

(2)        For law enforcementidentification purposes.

(3)        For research andadministrative purposes, including:

a.         Development of apopulation database when personal identifying information is removed.

b.         To supportidentification research and protocol development of forensic DNA analysismethods.

c.         For quality controlpurposes.

d.         To assist in therecovery or identification of human remains from mass disasters or for otherhumanitarian purposes, including identification of missing persons.

(b)        The DNA record ofidentification characteristics resulting from the DNA testing shall be storedand maintained by the SBI in the State DNA Database.  The DNA sample itselfwill be stored and maintained by the SBI in the State DNA Databank. (1993,c. 401.)