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State Codes and Statutes

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§15A‑296.  Recovery of civil damages authorized.

(a)        Any person whosewire, oral, or electronic communication is intercepted, disclosed, or used inviolation of this Article, has a civil cause of action against any person whointercepts, discloses, uses, or procures any other person to intercept,disclose, or use such communications, and is entitled to recover from any otherperson:

(1)        Actual damages, butnot less than liquidated damages, computed at the rate of one hundred dollars($100.00) a day for each day of violation or one thousand dollars ($1,000),whichever is higher;

(2)        Punitive damages;and

(3)        A reasonableattorneys' fee and other litigation costs reasonably incurred.

(b)        Good faith relianceon a court order or on a representation made by the Attorney General or adistrict attorney is a complete defense to any civil or criminal action broughtunder this Article. (1995, c. 407, s. 1.)