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§ 15A‑544.7.  Docketingand enforcement of final judgment of forfeiture.

(a)        Final JudgmentDocketed As Civil Judgment. – When a forfeiture has become a final judgmentunder this Part, the clerk of superior court, under G.S. 1‑234, shalldocket the judgment as a civil judgment against the defendant and against eachsurety named in the judgment.

(b)        Judgment Lien. – Whena final judgment of forfeiture is docketed, the judgment shall become a lien onthe real property of the defendant and of each surety named in the judgment, asprovided in G.S. 1‑234.

(c)        Execution; Copy toCommissioner of Insurance. – After docketing a final judgment under thissection, the clerk shall:

(1)        Issue execution onthe judgment against the defendant and against each accommodation bondsman andprofessional bondsman named in the judgment and shall remit the clear proceedsto the county finance officer as provided in G.S. 115C‑452.

(2)        If an insurancecompany or professional bondsman is named in the judgment, send theCommissioner of Insurance a notice of the judgment, showing the date on whichthe judgment was docketed.

(d)        Sureties May NotExecute Bonds in County. – After a final judgment is docketed as provided inthis section, no surety named in the judgment shall become a surety on any bailbond in the county in which the judgment is docketed until the judgment issatisfied in full. (2000‑133,s. 6; 2006‑188, s. 2.)