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State Codes and Statutes

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§15A‑773.  Securing attendance of organizations; appearance.

(a)        The courtattendance of an organization for purposes of commencing or prosecuting acriminal action against it may be accomplished by:

(1)        Issuance and serviceof a criminal summons; or

(2)        Issuance of aninformation and waiver of indictment by an authorized officer or agent of theorganization and by counsel for the organization, as provided in G.S. 15A‑642(c);or

(3)        Service of thenotice of the indictment, as provided in G.S.  15A‑630.

The criminal summons or notice ofindictment must be directed to the organization, and must be served by deliveryto an officer, director, managing or general agent, cashier or assistantcashier of the organization, or to any other agent of the organization authorizedby  appointment or by law to receive service of process.

(b)        At all stages of acriminal action, an organization may appear by counsel or agent havingauthority to transact the business of the organization.

(c)        For purposes ofthis section, "organization" means corporation, unincorporatedassociation, partnership, body politic, consortium, or  other group, entity, ororganization. (1973, c. 1286, s. 1; 1977, c. 557.)