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§ 15A‑836. Responsibilities of agency with custody of defendant.

(a)        When a form isincluded with the final judgment and commitment pursuant to G.S. 15A‑832(g),or when the victim has otherwise filed a written request for notification withthe custodial agency, the custodial agency shall notify the victim of:

(1)        The projected dateby which the defendant can be released from custody. The calculation of therelease date shall be as exact as possible, including earned time anddisciplinary credits if the sentence of imprisonment exceeds 90 days.

(2)        An inmate'sassignment to a minimum custody unit and the address of the unit. Thisnotification shall include notice that the inmate's minimum custody status maylead to the inmate's participation in one or more community‑basedprograms such as work release or supervised leaves in the community.

(3)        The victim's rightto submit any concerns to the agency with custody and the procedure forsubmitting such concerns.

(4)        The defendant'sescape from custody, within 72 hours, except that if a victim has notified theagency in writing that the defendant has issued a specific threat against thevictim, the agency shall notify the victim as soon as possible and within 24hours at the latest.

(5)        The defendant'scapture, within 24 hours.

(6)        The date thedefendant is scheduled to be released from the facility. Whenever practical,notice shall be given 60 days before release. In no event shall notice be givenless than seven days before release.

(7)        The defendant'sdeath.

(b)        Notificationsrequired in this section shall be provided within 60 days of the date thecustodial agency takes custody of the defendant or within 60 days of the eventrequiring notification, or as otherwise specified in subsection (a) of thissection. (1998‑212,s. 19.4(c); 2001‑433, s. 7; 2001‑487, s. 120.)