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§ 160B‑2.2. Dissolution of consolidated city‑county; establishment of studycommission; purposes and powers of study commission.

(a)        The governing board of a consolidated city‑county mayby resolution establish a governmental study commission to study all matterspertaining to the dissolution of the consolidated city‑county andreestablishment of separate city and county government. The study commissionmay:

(1)        Prepare a report of its findings and conclusions.

(2)        Prepare drafts of any agreements or legislation necessary toeffect the dissolution of a consolidated city‑county.

(3)        Prepare a plan for dissolution of the consolidated city‑county.

(b)        A study commission established pursuant to this section may:

(1)        Adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business.

(2)        Employ personnel.

(3)        Contract with consultants.

(4)        Hold hearings in the furtherance of its business.

(5)        Take any other action necessary or expedient to thefurtherance of its business. (1995, c. 461, s. 1.)