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§17C‑12.  Grants under the supervision of Commission and the State;donations and appropriations.

(a)        The Commission mayaccept for any of its purposes and functions under this Chapter any and alldonations, both real and personal, and grants of money from any governmentalunit or public agency, or from any institution, person, firm or corporation,and may  receive, utilize and dispose of the same. Any arrangements pursuant tothis section shall be detailed in an annual report of the Commission. Such reportshall include the identity of the donor, the nature of the transaction, and theconditions, if any. Any money received by the Commission pursuant to thissection shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the account of theCommission.

(b)        The Commission mayauthorize the reimbursement to each political subdivision of the State notexceeding sixty percent (60%) of the salary and of the allowable tuition,living and travel expenses incurred by the officers in attendance at approvedtraining programs, providing said political subdivisions do in fact adhere tothe selection and training standards established by the Commission.

(c)        The Commission byrules and regulations, shall provide for administration of the grant programauthorized by this section. In promulgating such rules, the Commission shallpromote the most efficient and economical program of criminal justice training,including the maximum utilization of existing facilities and programs for thepurpose of avoiding duplication.

(d)        The Commission mayprovide grants as a reimbursement for actual expenses incurred by the State orpolitical subdivision thereof for the provisions of training programs ofofficers from other jurisdictions within the State. (1971, c. 963, ss. 8, 9;1979, c. 763, s. 1.)