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§17C‑9.  Criminal Justice Standards Division of the Department of Justiceestablished; appointment of director; duties.

(a)        There is herebyestablished, within the Department of Justice, the Criminal Justice StandardsDivision, hereinafter called "the Division," which shall be organizedand staffed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and within thelimits of authorized appropriations.

(b)        The AttorneyGeneral shall appoint a director for the Division  chosen from a list of threenominees submitted to him by the Commission who shall be responsible to andserve at the pleasure of the Attorney General and the Commission.

(c)        The Division shalladminister such programs as are assigned to it by the Commission. The Divisionshall also administer such additional related programs as may be assigned to itby the Attorney General or the General Assembly. Administrative duties andresponsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)        Administering anyand all programs assigned to the Division by the Commission and reporting anyviolations of or deviations from the rules and regulations of the Commission asthe Commission may require;

(2)        Compiling data,developing reports, identifying needs and performing research relevant tobeneficial improvement of the criminal justice agencies;

(3)        Developing new andrevising existing programs for adoption consideration by the Commission;

(4)        Monitoring andevaluating programs of the Commission;

(5)        Providing technicalassistance to relevant agencies of the criminal justice system to aid them inthe discharge of program participation and responsibilities;

(6)        Disseminatinginformation on Commission programs to concerned agencies and/or individuals;

(7)        Taking such otheractions as may be deemed necessary or appropriate to carry out its assignedduties and responsibilities;

(8)        The director maydivulge any information in the Division's personnel file of a criminal justiceofficer or applicant for certification to the head of the criminal justiceagency employing the officer or considering the applicant for employment whenthe director deems it necessary and essential to the retention or employment ofsaid officer or applicant. The information may be divulged whether or not suchinformation was contained in a personnel file maintained by a State or by alocal government agency. (1979, c. 763, s. 1; 1983, c. 807, s. 4.)