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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 18B‑1005.1.  Sexuallyexplicit conduct on licensed premises.

(a)        It shall beunlawful for a permittee or his agent or employee to knowingly allow or engagein any of the following kinds of conduct on his licensed premises:

(1)        Any conduct orentertainment by any person whose genitals are exposed or who is wearingtransparent clothing that reveals the genitals;

(2)        Any conduct orentertainment that includes or simulates sexual intercourse, masturbation,sodomy, bestiality, oral copulation, flagellation, or any act that includes orsimulates the penetration, however slight, by any object into the genital oranal opening of a person's body; or

(3)        Any conduct orentertainment that includes the fondling of the breasts, buttocks, anus, vulva,or genitals.

(b)        Supervision. – Itshall be unlawful for a permittee to fail to superintend in person or through amanager the business for which a permit is issued.

(c)        Exception. – Thissection does not apply to persons operating theaters, concert halls, artcenters, museums, or similar establishments that are primarily devoted to thearts or theatrical performances, when the performances that are presented areexpressing matters of serious literary, artistic, scientific, or politicalvalue. (2003‑382,s. 2.)