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Beer Franchise Law.

§ 18B‑1300.  Purpose.

Pursuant to the authority ofthe State under the Twenty‑First Amendment to the United StatesConstitution, the General Assembly finds that regulation of the businessrelations between malt beverage manufacturers and importers and the wholesalersof such products is necessary to:

(1)        Maintain stabilityand healthy competition in the malt beverage industry in this State.

(2)        Promote and maintaina sound, stable and viable three‑tier system of distribution of maltbeverages to the public.

(3)        Promote thecompelling interest of the public in fair business relations between maltbeverage suppliers and wholesalers, and in the continuation of beer franchiseagreements on a fair basis.

(4)        Maintain a uniformsystem of control over the sale, purchase and distribution of malt beverages inthe State. (1989, c. 142, s. 1.)