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§ 18B‑403.1.  Purchase‑transportationpermit for keg or kegs of malt beverages.

(a)        Purchase‑Transportation.– A person who is not a permittee may purchase and transport for off‑premisesconsumption a keg or kegs as defined in G.S. 18B‑101(7b) after obtaininga purchase‑transportation permit. Failure to obtain a purchase‑transportationpermit according to this section is a violation of G.S. 18B‑303(b).

(b)        Issuance. – Aperson holding a permit (permittee) pursuant to G.S. 18B‑1001(2) shallissue a purchase‑transportation permit for a keg or kegs of malt beverageto a purchaser. A copy of the purchase‑transportation permit shall bemaintained by the permittee for 90 days. Upon request by any person, thepermittee shall maintain the permit for a requested period in excess of 90days.

(c)        Form. – A purchase‑transportationpermit shall be issued on a printed form adopted and provided by theCommission. The Commission shall adopt rules specifying the content of thepermit form.

(d)        Restrictions onPermit. – A purchase may be made only from the store named on the permit. Onecopy of the permit shall be kept by the purchaser and one by the permittee fromwhom the purchase is made. The purchaser shall display his copy of the permitto any law enforcement officer upon request.

(e)        Violation. – Thefirst violation of this section by a permittee shall result in a warning to thepermittee. (2006‑253,s. 3.1.)