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State Codes and Statutes

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§18B‑803.  Store management.

(a)        Manager. – A localboard shall provide for the management of each store operated by it. The boardshall employ at least one manager for each store, who shall operate the storepursuant to the directions of that board.

(b)        Bonding of Manager.– Each store manager shall be bonded in an amount not less than five thousanddollars ($5,000), secured by a corporate surety, for the honest performance ofhis duties. A public employees' blanket position bond, honesty form, in the requiredamount satisfies the requirements of this subsection. The bond shall be payableto the local board and shall be approved by the appointing authority for thelocal board.

(c)        Bonding of OtherEmployees. – A local board may require any of its other employees who handlefunds to obtain bonds. The amount and form of those bonds shall be determinedby the local board. (1981, c. 412, s. 2; 1981 (Reg. Sess., 1982), c. 1262,s. 12.)