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§18B‑806.  Damaged alcoholic beverages.

(a)        Owned by LocalBoard. – All damaged alcoholic beverages owned by a local board shall bedestroyed, given to a public or private hospital for medicinal use only, orgiven to the Commission.

(b)        Not Owned by LocalBoard. – The Commission shall dispose of all damaged alcoholic beverages whichare:

(1)        Owned by theCommission;

(2)        Damaged while in theState warehouse; or

(3)        Damaged while intransit between the State warehouse and a local board.

The Commission shall dispose ofthe alcoholic beverages by giving them to a public or private hospital formedicinal use only, by selling them to a military installation, or bydestroying them.

(c)        Sale Procedure. –If damaged alcoholic beverages are sold under subsection (b), sale shall be by:

(1)        Advertisement forsealed bids;

(2)        Negotiated offer,advertisement and upset bids; or

(3)        Exchange.

Funds derived from the sale ofdamaged alcoholic beverages shall  be paid to the general fund of the State.

(d)        Records. – Localboards and the Commission shall keep detailed records of all disposals ofdamaged alcoholic beverages, including brand, quantity and disposition. (1981,c. 412, s. 2.)