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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 18C‑113.  Meetings;records.

(a)        Meetings of theCommission shall be subject to Article 33C of Chapter 143 of the GeneralStatutes.

(b)        Except as providedin this Article, records of the Commission shall be open and available to thepublic in accordance with Chapter 132 of the General Statutes.

(c)        Personnel recordsof the Commission are subject to Article 7 of Chapter 126 of the GeneralStatutes.

(d)        Only the followinginformation concerning a lottery winner is a public record: (i) name, (ii) cityand state of residence, (iii) game played, (iv) amount won, and (v) date won.For purposes of this subsection, amount won means the nominal prize amount, thecash payment if different from the nominal prize amount, and the cash paymentafter taxes are withheld.  (2005‑344, s. 1; 2009‑357, s. 6.)