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§ 18C‑114.  Powers andduties of the Commission.

(a)        The Commissionshall have the following powers and duties:

(1)        To specify the typesof lottery games and gaming technology to be used in the Lottery.

(2)        To prescribe thenature of lottery advertising which shall comply with the following:

a.         All advertisingshall include resources for responsible gaming information.

b.         No advertising mayintentionally target specific groups or economic classes.

c.         No advertising maybe misleading, deceptive, or present any lottery game as a means of relievingany person's financial or personal difficulties.

d.         No advertising mayhave the primary purpose of inducing persons to participate in the Lottery.

(3)        To specify thenumber and value of prizes for winning tickets or shares in lottery games,including cash prizes, merchandise prizes, prizes consisting of deferredpayments or annuities, and prizes of tickets or shares in the same lottery gameor other lottery games.

(4)        To specify the rulesof lottery games and the method for determining winners of lottery games.

(5)        To specify theretail sales price for tickets or shares for lottery games.

(6)        To establish asystem to claim prizes, including determining the time periods within whichprizes must be claimed, to verify the validity of tickets or shares claimed towin prizes, and to effect payment of those prizes.

(7)        To conduct abackground investigation, including a criminal history record check, ofapplicants for the position of Director, which may include a search of theState and National Repositories of Criminal Histories based on the fingerprintsof applicants.

(8)        To charge a fee ofpotential contractors and lottery contractors to not exceed the cost of thecriminal record check of the potential contractors and lottery contractors.

(9)        To specify themanner of distribution, dissemination, or sale of lottery tickets or shares tolottery game retailers or directly to the public.

(10)      To determine theincentives, if any, for any lottery employees, lottery retailers, lotterycontractors, or electronic computer terminal operators.

(11)      To specify theauthority, compensation, and role of the Director, and to specify theauthority, selection, and role of the other employees of the Commission. All ofthe following apply to all employees of the Commission:

a.         No employee of theCommission may have a financial interest in any lottery potential contractor orlottery contractor, other than an interest as part of a mutual fund.

b.         No employee of theCommission with decision‑making authority shall participate in anydecision involving the retailer or potential contractor with whom the employeehas a financial interest.

c.         No employee of theCommission who leaves the employment of the Commission may represent anylottery contractor, potential contractor, or retailer before the Commission fora period of one year following termination of employment with the Commission.

d.         A backgroundinvestigation shall be conducted on each applicant for employment with theCommission.

e.         The Commission shallbond all employees with access to lottery funds or revenue or security.

(12)      To approve andauthorize the Director to enter into agreements with other states to operateand promote multistate lotteries consistent with the purposes set forth in thisChapter.

(13)      Any other powersnecessary for the Commission to carry out its responsibilities under thisChapter.

(b)        Article 3D ofChapter 147 of the General Statutes shall not apply to the Commission.  (2005‑344, s. 1; 2005‑276,s. 31.1(f); 2009‑357, s. 1; 2009‑570, s. 32(b), (c).)