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Article 3.

North Carolina StateLottery Director.

§ 18C‑120.  Selection ofthe Director; powers and duties.

(a)        The Commissionshall select a Director to operate and administer the Lottery and to serve asthe Secretary of the Commission. Except as to the provisions of Articles 6 and7 of Chapter 126 of the General Statutes, the Director shall be exempt from theState Personnel Act.

(b)        The Director shallhave the following powers and duties, under the supervision of the Commission:

(1)        To provide for thereporting of payment of lottery game prizes to State and federal taxauthorities and for the withholding of State and federal income taxes fromlottery game prizes as provided in State and federal law.

(2)        To conduct abackground investigation, including a criminal history record check, ofapplicants for employment with the Commission, lottery retailers, and lotterypotential contractors, which may include a search of the State and NationalRepositories of Criminal Histories based on the fingerprints of applicants.

(3)        To set the salariesof all Commission employees, subject to the approval of the Commission. Exceptfor the provisions of Articles 6 and 7 of Chapter 126 of the General Statutes,all employees of the Commission shall be exempt from the State Personnel Act.

(4)        To enter intocontracts with lottery retailers, lottery contractors, or lottery suppliersupon approval by the Commission.

(5)        To provide for thesecurity and accuracy in the operation and administration of the Commission andthe Lottery, including examining the background of all prospective employees,lottery potential contractors, lottery contractors, and lottery retailers.

(6)        To coordinate andcollaborate with the appropriate law enforcement authorities regardinginvestigations of violations of the laws relating to the operation of theLottery and make reports to the Commission regarding those investigations.

(7)        To confer with theCommission on the operation and administration of the Lottery and makeavailable for inspection by the Commission all books, records, files,documents, and other information of the Lottery.

(8)        To study theoperation and administration of other lotteries and to collect demographic andother information concerning the Lottery and make recommendations to improve theoperation and administration of the Lottery to the Commission, to the Governor,and to the General Assembly.

(9)        To provide monthlyfinancial reports to the Commission of all lottery revenues, prizedisbursements, expenses, net revenues, and all other financial transactionsinvolving lottery funds.

(10)      To enter intoagreements with other states to operate and promote multistate lotteriesconsistent with the purposes set forth in this Chapter and upon the approval ofthe Commission.  (2005‑344,s. 1; 2005‑276, s. 31.1(g); 2009‑357, s. 7.)