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§ 18C‑143. Responsibilities of lottery game retailers.

(a)        A lottery gameretailer shall comply with all provisions of this Article and the contract withthe Commission.

(b)        A lottery gameretailer shall sell no lottery tickets or shares unless the retailerconspicuously displays a certificate of authority, signed by the Director, tosell lottery tickets or shares. The Commission shall issue a certificate ofauthority to each lottery game retailer for purposes of display for each retailoutlet owned or operated by the lottery game retailer. No certificate isassignable or transferable.

(c)        A lottery gameretailer shall furnish an appropriate bond or letter of credit, if so requestedby the Director. The Commission may authorize the Director to purchase blanketbonds covering the activities of any or all lottery game retailers.

(d)        The Commissionshall adopt rules to establish procedures governing how the lottery gameretailers:

(1)        Account for alltickets or shares in their custody, including tickets and shares sold.

(2)        Account for themoney collected from the sale of tickets and shares.

(3)        Remit funds to theCommission, provided that all payments shall be in the form of electronic fundtransfers or other recorded financial instruments as authorized by the Commissionand approved by the Director.

(e)        No lottery retaileror applicant to be a lottery retailer shall pay, give, or make any economicopportunity, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, favor, hospitality, orservice, excluding food and beverages having an aggregate value not exceedingone hundred dollars ($100.00) in any calendar year, to the Director, to anymember or employee of the Commission, or to any member of the immediate familyresiding in the same household as one of these individuals.

(f)         All lotteryproceeds minus applicable retailer commissions are held in trust by lotteryretailers until such time as they are received by the Commission. A lotteryretailer shall have a fiduciary duty to preserve and account for lotteryproceeds including any unsold tickets.  (2005‑344, s. 1; 2005‑276, s. 31.1(o);2009‑357, s. 13.)