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State Codes and Statutes

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§19‑17.  Trial.

(a)        Upon the expirationof the time for filing answers by all respondents, but not later than thereturn date specified in the summons, the court shall, upon its own motion, orupon the application of any party who has appeared and filed an answer, set adate for the trial of the issues joined.

(b)        Any respondentnamed in the complaint, or any person who becomes a respondent by virtue ofintervention pursuant to this Article, shall be entitled to a trial of theissues within one day after joinder of issue. A decision shall be rendered bythe court or jury, as the case may be, within two days of the conclusion of thetrial.

(c)        Every personappearing and answering as a respondent shall be entitled, upon request, to atrial of any issue by a jury. If a jury is not requested by any suchrespondent, the issues shall be tried by  the court without a jury. (1969,c. 1215, s. 1.)