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State Codes and Statutes

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§19‑1.3.  Personal property as a nuisance; knowledge of nuisance.

The following are alsodeclared to be nuisances, as personal property used in conducting andmaintaining a nuisance under this Chapter:

(1)        All moneys paid asadmission price to the exhibition of any lewd film found to be a nuisance;

(2)        All valuableconsideration received for the sale of any lewd publication which is found tobe a nuisance;

(3)        All money or othervaluable consideration, vehicles, conveyances, or other property received or usedin gambling, prostitution, the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages or theillegal sale of substances proscribed under the North Carolina ControlledSubstances Act, as well as the furniture and movable contents of a place usedin connection with such prohibited conduct.

From and after service of acopy of the notice of hearing of the application for a preliminary injunction,provided for in G.S. 19‑2.4 upon the place, or its manager, or actingmanager, or person then in charge, all such parties are deemed to haveknowledge of the contents of the restraining order and the use of the placeoccurring thereafter. Where the circumstantial proof warrants a determinationthat a person had knowledge of the nuisance prior to such service of process,the court may make such finding. (1977, c. 819, s. 3; 1981, c.412, s. 4; c. 747, s. 66; 1999‑371, s. 4.)