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§19‑20.  Contempt; defenses; extradition.

(a)        Any respondent, orany officer, agent, servant, employee or attorney of such respondent, or anyperson in active concert or participation by contract or arrangement with suchrespondent, who receives actual notice by personal service or otherwise of anyrestraining order or injunction entered pursuant to this Article, and who shalldisobey any of the provisions thereof, shall be guilty of contempt of court andupon conviction after notice and hearing shall be sentenced as provided by law.

(b)        No person shall beguilty of contempt pursuant to this section:

(1)        For any sale,distribution or dissemination to a minor where such person had reasonable causeto believe that the minor involved was 18 years old or more, and such minorexhibited to such person a draft card, driver's license, birth certificate orother official or apparently official document purporting to establish thatsuch minor was 18 years old or more;

(2)        For any sale,distribution or dissemination where a minor is  accompanied by a parent orguardian, or accompanied by an adult and such person has no reason to suspectthat the adult accompanying the minor is not the minor's parent or guardian;

(3)        Where such person isa bona fide school, museum or public library or is acting in his capacity as anemployee of such organization or as a retail outlet affiliated with and servingthe educational purposes of such organization.

(c)        In the event thatany person found guilty of contempt pursuant to this section cannot be foundwithin this State, the executive authority of this State shall, unless suchperson shall have appealed from the judgment of contempt and such appeal hasnot been finally determined, demand his extradition from the executiveauthority of the state in which such person may be found, pursuant to the lawof this State. (1969, c. 1215, s. 1.)