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State Codes and Statutes

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§19‑3.  Priority of action; evidence.

(a)        The action providedfor in this Chapter shall be set down for trial at the first term of the courtand shall have precedence over all other cases except crimes, electioncontests, or injunctions.

(b)        In such action, anadmission or finding of guilt of any person under the criminal laws againstlewdness, assignation, prostitution, gambling, breaches of the peace, theillegal possession or sale of alcoholic beverages, or the illegal possession orsale of substances proscribed by the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act,at any such place, is admissible for the purpose of proving the existence ofsaid nuisance, and is evidence of such nuisance and of knowledge of, and ofacquiescence and participation therein, on the part of the person charged withmaintaining said nuisance.

(c)        At all hearingsupon the merits, evidence of the general reputation of the building or placeconstituting the alleged nuisance, of the inmates thereof, and of thoseresorting thereto, is admissible for the purpose of proving the existence ofsuch nuisance. (Pub. Loc. 1913, c. 761, s. 27; 1919, c. 288; C.S., s.3182; 1971, c. 528, s. 6; 1973, c. 47, s. 2; 1977, c. 819, s. 5; 1981, c. 412,s. 4; c. 747, s. 66; 1999‑371, s. 8.)