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Adopted Children.

§ 29‑17.  Succession by,through and from adopted children.

(a)        A child, adopted inaccordance with Chapter 48 of the General Statutes or in accordance with theapplicable law of any other jurisdiction, and the heirs of such child, areentitled by succession  to any property by, through and from his adoptiveparents and their heirs the same as if he were the natural legitimate child ofthe adoptive parents.

(b)        An adopted child isnot entitled by succession to any property, by, through, or from his naturalparents or their heirs, except as provided in subsection (e) of this section.

(c)        The adoptiveparents and the heirs of the adoptive parents are  entitled by succession toany property, by, through and from an adopted child the same as if the adoptedchild were the natural legitimate child of the adoptive parents.

(d)        The natural parentsand the heirs of the natural parents are not entitled by succession to anyproperty, by, through or from an adopted child, except as provided insubsection (e) of this section.

(e)        If a natural parenthas previously married, is married to, or shall marry an adoptive parent, theadopted child is considered the child of such natural parent for all purposesof intestate succession. (1959, c. 879, s. 1.)