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Uniform Disposition ofCommunity Property Rights at Death Act.

§ 31C‑1.  Application.

This Chapter applies to thedisposition at death of the following property acquired by a married person:

(1)        All personalproperty, wherever situated:

a.         Which was acquiredas or became, and remained, community property under the laws of anotherjurisdiction; or

b.         All or theproportionate part of that property acquired with the rents, issues, or incomeof, or the proceeds from, or in exchange for, that community property; or

c.         Traceable to thatcommunity property;

(2)        All or theproportionate part of any real property situated in this State which wasacquired with the rents, issues or income of, the proceeds from, or in exchangefor, property acquired as or which became, and remained, community propertyunder the laws of another jurisdiction, or property  traceable to thatcommunity property. (1981, c. 882, s. 1.)