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Method of Transfer.

§ 43‑31.  When whole ofland conveyed.

Whenever the whole of anyregistered estate is transferred or conveyed the same shall be done by atransfer or conveyance attached to the certificate substantially as follows:

The owners (giving the namesof the parties owning land described in the certificate) hereby, inconsideration of __________________ dollars, sell and convey to the purchaser(giving name of purchaser) the lot or tract of land, as the case may be,described in the certificate of title hereto attached. The transfer shall beindexed on the grantor and grantee indexes in the same manner as deeds areindexed.

The same shall be signed andproperly acknowledged by the parties and shall have the full force and effectof a deed in fee simple: Provided, that if the sale shall be in trust, uponcondition, with power to sell or other unusual form of conveyance, the sameshall be set out in the transfer, and shall be entered upon the consolidatedreal property records as hereinafter provided; that upon presentation of thetransfer, together with the certificate of title, to the register of deeds, thetransaction shall be duly noted and registered in accordance with theprovisions of this Chapter, and certificate of title so presented shall becanceled and a new certificate with the same number issued to the purchaserthereof, which new certificate shall fully refer by number and also by name ofholder to former certificate just canceled. (1913, c. 90, s. 12; C.S., s.2405; 1999‑59, s. 3; 2000‑140, s. 42(c).)