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State Codes and Statutes

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Officers and Fees.

§ 43‑4.  Examinersappointed by clerk.

The clerk of the superiorcourt of each county shall appoint three or more examiners of titles, who shallbe licensed attorneys‑at‑law, residing in the State of NorthCarolina. They shall qualify by taking oath before the clerk to faithfullydischarge the duties of such office, which oath shall be filed in the office ofthe clerk. The term of office shall be two years. Examiners of titles shallhave and exercise the jurisdiction and perform the duties hereinafterprescribed, and receive the fees herein provided. They shall not appear in orhave any connection with any proceeding instituted under the provisions of thisChapter, and they shall be subject to removal at will by such clerk or judge ofthe superior court. (1913, c. 90, s. 3; 1917, c. 63; C.S., s. 2380.)