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Removal of Land fromOperation of Torrens Law.

§ 43‑56.  Proceedings.

Any land brought under theprovisions and operation of this Chapter before April 16, 1931, may be removedand excluded therefrom by a motion in writing filed in the original causewherein said land was brought under the provisions and operation of saidChapter, and upon the filing of a petition therein showing the names of allpersons owning an interest in said land and of all lien holders, mortgagees andtrustees of record, and the description of said land. Upon the filing of saidpetition the clerk of the superior court shall issue a  citation to all partiesinterested and named in the petition, and upon the return date of said citationand upon the hearing of said motion,  the said clerk of the superior court mayenter a decree in said cause  removing and excluding said land from theprovisions and operation of this Chapter, and transfer and conveyance of saidland may be made thereafter as other common‑law conveyances. (1931,c. 286, s. 1.)