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State Codes and Statutes

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Probate and Registration.

Article 1.


§ 47‑1.  Officials ofState authorized to take probate.

The execution of all deeds ofconveyance, contracts to buy, sell or convey lands, mortgages, deeds of trust,instruments modifying or extending the terms of mortgages or deeds of trust,assignments, powers of attorney, covenants to stand seized to the use ofanother, leases for more than three years, releases, affidavits concerning landtitles or family history, any instruments pertaining to real property, and anyand all instruments and writings of whatever nature and kind which are requiredor allowed by law to be registered in the office of the register of deeds orwhich may hereafter be required or allowed by law to be so registered, may beproved or acknowledged before any one of the following officials of this State:The justices, judges, magistrates, clerks, assistant clerks, and deputy clerksof the General Court of Justice, and notaries public. (Code,s. 1246; 1895, c. 161, ss. 1, 3; 1897, c. 87; 1899, c. 235; Rev., s. 989; C.S.,s. 3293; 1951, c. 772; 1969, c. 44, s. 52; 1971, c. 1185, s. 9.)