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§47‑111.  Inquiry by register of deeds; oath of applicant.

If any register of deeds shallbe in doubt as to whether or not any paper so presented for registration is anofficial discharge from the army, navy, or marine corps of the United States,or an official certificate of lost discharge, he shall have power to examine,under oath, the person so presenting such discharge, or otherwise inquire intoits validity; and every register of deeds to whom a discharge or certificate oflost discharge is presented for registration shall administer to the personoffering such discharge or certificate of lost discharge for registration thefollowing oath, to be recorded with and form a part of the registration of suchdischarge or certificate of lost discharge:

"I, ______________, beingduly sworn, depose and say that the foregoing discharge (or certificate of lostdischarge) is the original discharge (or certificate of lost discharge) issuedto me by the government of the United States; and that no alterations have beenmade therein by me, or by any person to my knowledge.


Subscribed and sworn to beforeme this ____ day of ________, ____


 (1921, c. 198, s. 3; C.S., s. 3366(m); 1999‑456,s. 59.)