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§47‑43.2.  Officer's certificate upon proof of instrument by subscribingwitness.

When the execution of aninstrument is proved by a subscribing witness as provided by G.S. 47‑12,the certificate required by G.S. 47‑13.1 shall be in substantially thefollowing form:


                                             (Nameof state)


I,______________________________, a ___________________________________

         (Name of officertaking proof)                           (Official title of officer takingproof)

of _______________________COUNTY,___________________________, certify that

                                                                                          (Nameof state)

_______________________________________personally appeared before me this day,

                  (Nameof subscribing witness)

and being duly sworn, stated thatin his presence ________________________________

                                                                                                         (Nameof maker)

(signed the foregoing instrument)(acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument.) (Strike out the wordsnot applicable.)

WITNESS my hand and officialseal, this the __________ day of________________,





                                                                                 (Signatureof officer taking proof)


                                                                                 (Officialtitle of officer taking proof)

Mycommission expires _____________________________________________________

                                                                  (Dateof expiration of officer's commission)

Provided, however, that wheninstruments have been recorded upon proof of execution of the instrument bycertificate of a judicial officer, showing that execution was proven by oathand examination of the subscribing witness, the date of such examination, andthe signature of the officer taking the proof, such proof of execution shall bedeemed sufficient on all instruments filed for registration prior to March 15,1961. (1951, c. 379, s. 3; 1953, c. 1078, s. 3; 1955, c.1345, s. 6; 1961, c. 237; 1999‑456, s. 59.)