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§47‑43.4.  Officer's certificate upon proof of instrument by proof ofsignature of subscribing witness.

When the execution of aninstrument is proved by proof of the signature of a subscribing witness asprovided by G.S. 47‑12.1, the certificate required by G.S. 47‑13.1shall be in substantially the following form:


                                          (Name ofstate)


I,____________________________, a ______________________________________

               (Name of officertaking proof)                        (Official title of  officer taking proof)

of ___________________ COUNTY,_______________________________, certify that

                                                                                             (Nameof state)

____________________________________personally appeared before me this day, and

            (Name of personfamiliar with

         handwriting ofsubscribing witness)

being duly sworn, stated that heknows the handwriting of ________________________,

                                                                                                      (Nameof subscribing witness)

and that the signature of__________________________ as a subscribing witness to the

                                             (Nameof subscribing witness)

foregoing instrument is thesignature of _______________________________________

                                                                                       (Nameof subscribing witness)

WITNESS my hand and officialseal, this the ____ day of ______________, ________

                                                                                                               (Month)                  (Year)    


                                                               (Signatureof officer taking proof)


                                                               (Officialtitle of officer taking proof)

My commission expires_________________________________________________

                                                               (Dateof expiration of officer's commission)

 (1951, c. 379, s. 3; 1999‑456, s. 59.)