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§47‑45.  Clerk's certificate upon probate by nonresident official withoutseal.

When the proof oracknowledgment of any instrument is had before any official of some otherstate, territory or country and such official has no official seal, then thecertificate of such official shall be accompanied by the certificate of a clerkof a court of record of the state, territory or country in which the officialtaking the proof or acknowledgment resides, of the official position andsignature of such official; such certificate of the clerk shall be under hishand and official seal and shall be in substance as follows:


I, A.B. (here give name andofficial title of the clerk of a court of record as provided herein), do herebycertify that C.D. (here give name of the official taking the proof, etc.) wasat the time of signing the foregoing (or annexed) certificate (here give theofficial title of the officer taking proof, etc.) in and for the county of______ and state of ________ (or other political division of the state,territory or country, as the case may be), and that his signature thereto is inhis own proper handwriting.

In witness whereof, I hereuntoset my hand and official seal, this ______________day of______________,A.D.______

(Official seal.)


                                                                                                (Signatureof Clerk.)

 (1899, c. 235, s. 8; Rev., s. 1007; C.S., s. 3328.)