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§ 53‑208.10.  Issuanceof license.

(a)        Upon the filing ofa complete application, the Commissioner shall investigate the financialcondition and responsibility, financial and business experience, and thecharacter and general fitness of the applicant. The Commissioner may conduct anon‑site investigation of the applicant, the reasonable cost of whichshall be borne by the applicant. If the Commissioner finds that the applicant'sbusiness will be conducted honestly, fairly, and in a manner commanding the confidenceand trust of the community and that the applicant has fulfilled therequirements imposed by this Article and has paid the required license fee, theCommissioner shall issue a license to the applicant authorizing the applicantto engage in the licensed activities in this State. If these requirements havenot been met, the Commissioner shall deny the application in a writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for the denial.

(b)        The Commissionershall approve or deny every application for an original license within 120 daysfrom the date a complete application is submitted, which period may be extendedby the written consent of the applicant. The Commissioner shall notify theapplicant of the date when the application is deemed complete. In the absenceof approval or denial of the application, or consent to the extension of the120‑day period, the application is deemed approved and the Commissionershall issue the license effective as of the first day after the 120‑dayor extended period has elapsed.

(c)        No license shall bedenied except on 10 days' notice to the applicant. Any applicant aggrieved by adenial issued by the Commissioner under this section may at any time withinfive days from the date of receipt of written notice of the denial, contest thedenial by serving a written demand for a hearing on the Commissioner. Theserving of a written demand on the Commissioner shall automatically stay thedenial until a ruling is issued. The Commissioner shall set a date for ahearing not later than 30 days after service of the response, unless a laterdate is set with the consent of the applicant. The hearing authorized by thissubsection shall be an informal hearing. (2001‑443, s. 2.)