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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 53‑208.3.  Licenserequired.

(a)        On or after October1, 2001, no person except those exempt pursuant to G.S. 53‑208.4 shallengage in the business of money transmission in this State without a license asprovided in this Article.

(b)        A licensee mayconduct its business in this State at one or more locations, directly orindirectly owned, or through one or more authorized delegates, or both,pursuant to the single license granted to the licensee.

(c)        For the purposes ofthis Article, a person is considered to be engaged in the business of moneytransmission in this State if that person makes available, from a locationinside or outside of this State, an Internet website North Carolina citizensmay access in order to enter into those transactions by electronic means. (2001‑443, s. 2.)