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§53‑232.7.  Actions against international banking corporations.

(a)        A resident of thisState may maintain an action against an international banking corporation doingbusiness in this State for any cause of action.  For purposes of thissubsection, the term "resident of this State" includes any individualdomiciled in this State, or any corporation, partnership, or trust formed underthe laws of this State.

(b)        An internationalbanking corporation or a nonresident of this State may maintain an action againstan international banking corporation doing business in this State in thefollowing cases only:

(1)        Where the action isbrought to recover damages for the breach of a contract made or to be performedwithin this State or relating to property situated within this State at thetime of the making of the contract;

(2)        Where the subjectmatter of the litigation is situated within this State;

(3)        Where the cause ofaction arose within this State, except where the object of the action is toaffect the title of real property situated outside this State; or

(4)        Where the action isbased on a liability for acts done within this State by an internationalbanking corporation or its international bank agency, international bankbranch, or international representative office.

(c)        The limitationscontained in subsection (b) of this section do not apply to a corporationformed and existing under the laws of the United States and that maintains anoffice in this State. (1991, c. 679, s. 1.)