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§ 53‑244.113. Regulatory authority.

(a)        Unless otherwiseprovided, all actions, hearings, and procedures under this Article shall begoverned by Article 3A of Chapter 150B of the General Statutes.

(b)        For purposes ofthis Article, the Commissioner shall be deemed to have complied with therequirements of law concerning service of process upon mailing by certifiedmail any notice required or permitted to a licensee under this Article, postageprepaid and addressed to the last known address of the licensee on file withthe Commissioner pursuant to G.S. 53‑244.105(c).

(c)        Upon the issuanceof any summary order permitted under this Article, including summarysuspensions and cease and desist orders, the Commissioner shall promptly notifythe person subject to the order that the order has been entered and the reasonsfor the order. Within 20 days of receiving notice of the order, the personsubject to the order may request in writing a hearing before the Commissioner.Upon receipt of such a request, the Commissioner shall calendar a hearingwithin 15 days. If a licensee does not request a hearing, the order will remainin effect unless it is modified or vacated by the Commissioner.  (2009‑374, s. 2.)