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State Codes and Statutes

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§53‑282.  Record keeping; receipt requirements.

(a)        Every personrequired to be licensed under this Article shall maintain in its offices suchbooks, accounts, and records as the Commissioner may reasonably require. Thebooks, accounts, and records shall be maintained separate from any otherbusiness in which the person is engaged, and shall be retained for a periodprescribed by the Commissioner.

(b)        The licensee shallensure that each customer cashing a check shall be provided a receipt showingthe name or trade name of the licensee, the transaction date, amount of thecheck, and the fee charged.

(c)        The Commissionermay examine the books, accounts, and records in order to determine whether theperson is complying with this Article and rules adopted pursuant thereto. Thecost of the examination shall be paid by the licensee and shall be determinedby applying the hourly rate for special examinations adopted by the StateBanking Commission by regulation. (1997‑391, s. 1.)