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State Codes and Statutes

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§53‑283.  Prohibited practices.

No person required to belicensed under this Article shall do any of the following:

(1)        Charge fees inexcess of those authorized under this Article.

(2)        Engage in thebusiness of making loans of money, or extensions of credit, or discountingnotes, bills of exchange, items, or other evidences of debt; or acceptingdeposits or bailments of money or items, except as expressly provided by G.S.53‑281.

(3)        Use or cause to bepublished or disseminated any advertising communication which contains anyfalse, misleading, or deceptive statement or representation.

(4)        Conduct business atpremises or locations other than locations licensed by the Commissioner.

(5)        Engage in unfair,deceptive, or fraudulent practices.

(6)        Cash a check, draft,or money order made payable to a payee other than a natural person unless thelicensee has previously obtained appropriate documentation from the executiveentity of the payee clearly indicating the authority of the natural person orpersons cashing the check, draft, or money order on behalf of the payee. (1997‑391,s. 1.)