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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 53‑355.  Certaincriminal offenses.

(a)        An officer,director, employee, or shareholder of a State trust company commits an offenseif the person knowingly:

(1)        Conceals informationor a fact, or removes, destroys, or conceals a book or record of the Statetrust company for the purpose of concealing information or a fact, from theCommissioner or an agent of the Commissioner; or

(2)        For the purpose ofconcealing information or a fact, removes or destroys any book or record of theState trust company that is material to a pending or anticipated legal oradministrative proceeding.

(b)        An officer,director, or employee of a State trust company commits an offense if the personknowingly makes a false entry in the books or records or in any report orstatement of the State trust company.

(c)        An offense underthe provisions of this section shall be a Class H felony. (2001‑263, s. 1.)