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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 59‑209.  Certificateof existence.

(a)        Anyone may apply tothe Secretary of State to furnish a certificate of existence for a domesticlimited partnership or a certificate of authorization for a foreign limitedpartnership.

(b)        A certificate ofexistence or authorization sets forth:

(1)        The domestic limitedpartnership's name or the foreign limited partnership's name used in thisState;

(2)        That (i) thedomestic limited partnership has filed a certificate of limited partnershipunder the law of this State, the effective date of the filing, and the periodof the domestic limited partnership's duration, or (ii) the foreign limitedpartnership is authorized to transact business in this State;

(3)        If the limitedpartnership has registered as a limited liability limited partnership, that theregistration has not been cancelled or revoked;

(4)        That a certificateof cancellation of the certificate of limited partnership has not been filed;and

(5)        Other facts ofrecord in the office of the Secretary of State that may be requested by theapplicant.

(c)        Subject to anyqualification stated in the certificate, a certificate of existence orauthorization issued by the Secretary of State may be relied upon as conclusiveevidence that the domestic limited partnership has filed a certificate oflimited partnership and has not filed a certificate of cancellation or that theforeign limited partnership is authorized to transact business in this State,and, if applicable, that the domestic limited partnership has registered as alimited liability limited partnership and that such registration has not beencancelled or revoked. (2001‑387, s. 127.)