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Article 2A.

Conversion and Merger.

Part 1. General Provisions.

§ 59‑73.1.  Definitions.

As used in this Article:

(1)        "Businessentity" means a domestic corporation (including a professional corporationas defined in G.S. 55B‑2), a foreign corporation (including a foreignprofessional corporation as defined in G.S. 55B‑16), a domestic orforeign nonprofit corporation, a domestic or foreign limited liability company,a domestic or foreign limited partnership, a domestic partnership, or any otherpartnership.

(2)        "Domesticpartnership" means a partnership as defined in G.S. 59‑36 that isformed under the laws of this State, including a registered limited liabilitypartnership, but excluding a domestic limited partnership.

(3)        "Partnership"means a partnership as defined in G.S. 59‑36 whether or not formed underthe laws of this State including a registered limited liability partnership anda foreign limited liability partnership, but excluding a domestic limitedpartnership and a foreign limited partnership. (1999‑369, s. 4.1; 2001‑387, ss. 106,107.)