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State Codes and Statutes

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§63‑54.  Federal aid.

(a)        A municipality isauthorized to accept, receive, and receipt for federal moneys and other moneys,either public or private, for the acquisition, construction, enlargement,improvement, maintenance, equipment, or operation of airports and other airnavigation facilities and sites therefor, and to comply with the provisions ofthe laws of the United States and any rules and regulations made thereunder forthe expenditures of federal moneys upon such airports and other air navigationfacilities.

(b)        The governing bodyof any municipality is authorized, if necessary, to comply with any federal lawor regulation of any agency  thereof to designate the North CarolinaAeronautics Commission as its agents to accept, receive, and receipt forfederal moneys in its behalf for airport purposes. Such moneys as are paid overby the United States government shall be paid over to said municipality undersuch terms and conditions as may be imposed by the United States government inmaking such grant.

(c)        All contracts forthe acquisition, construction, enlargement, improvement, maintenance,equipment, or operation of airports or other air navigation facilities made bythe municipality shall be made pursuant to the laws of this State governing themaking of like contracts, provided, however, that where such acquisition,construction, improvement, enlargement, maintenance, equipment or operation isfinanced wholly or partly with federal moneys the municipality may letcontracts in the manner prescribed by the federal authorities, acting under thelaws of the United States and any rules or regulations made thereundernotwithstanding any other State law to the contrary. (1945,c. 490, s. 7.)