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§63‑66.  Administration of Article; powers of Department ofTransportation.

The Department ofTransportation shall carry out the provisions of this Article. In exercisingsuch power, the Department shall:

(1)        Promote the furtherdevelopment and improvement of air routes, airport facilities, seaplane bases,heliports, protect their approaches and stimulate the development of aviation,commerce and air facilities. In exercising this power, the Department shallprepare and develop goals, objectives, standards and policies for the mostefficient and economical  expenditure of State funds as may be appropriated forthe purposes of this Article.

(2)        Publish and makeavailable to aviation interests, the Federal Aviation Administration, and thepeople of the State generally, current information regarding such criteria,standards, and policies.

(3)        Prepare and keepcurrent a State airport plan and submit annual revisions of that plan to theFederal Aviation Administration.

(4)        Make a detailed andthorough study of all applications for State assistance authorized herein andmake specific recommendations regarding applications to the Federal AviationAdministration for federal grants.

(5)        Develop a plan ofpriorities and allocations of State funds to be revised annually.

(6)        Represent the Statebefore all federal agencies and elsewhere where the aviation interests of theState may be affected.

(7)        Subject to theavailability of funds for the purpose, promote aviation safety throughout theState and conduct such promotional, educational and other programs as may benecessary to keep the people of the State properly informed with respect toaviation and to further aeronautics generally throughout the State.

In exercising the powers andperforming the duties herein provided for by this section, the Department ofTransportation shall consult with and seek the advice of the aeronauticscouncil. (1967, c. 1006, s. 1; 1973, c. 507, s. 5; c. 1262, ss.28, 86; c. 1443, s. 1; 1975, c. 716, s. 3; 1979, c. 148, ss. 2, 5.)