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§63‑79.  Definitions.

As used in this Article, thefollowing words and terms shall have the following meanings, unless the contextshall indicate another or different meaning or intent:

(1)        "Aeronauticalfacilities" means airports, runways, terminals, hangars and otherfacilities related thereto;

(2)        "District"means a special airport district created under the provisions of this Article;

(3)        "Districtboard" or "board" means a special airport district  boardestablished under the provisions of this Article as the governing body of adistrict;

(4)        "Governingbody" means the board, commission, council or other body, by whatever nameit may be known, of a unit of local government in which the general legislativepowers thereof are vested;

(5)        "Unit" or"unit of local government" means counties, cities,  towns andincorporated villages. (1979, c. 689, s. 2.)